Hyper Reformed Art
Hyper Reformed Cross Over Religion !
The All Seeing Eye
Fly high in the sky !
When He says: wind blow, the wind blows. He maketh everything. The Nature, the Most High experimental form of Art. The creator is the originator, the Beginning and the End.                                                                                  
Revelation  1:7   Behold, he cometh with clouds;
Jesus Christ Superstar, I wonder where you are.....
The experimental theater group SUVER NUVER invited guests to play in their show in the Veem Theater, Amsterdam, 11 october 2002 with the subject: "Jesus Christ". Henk Zwart did an act with Hugo Kaagman: the  reforming of the church to attract more people by  presenting a new Religious Web Site and an interior action painting  of the church with new ways of praying; this is the digital manifestation.